Protecting the County’s Natural Resources

The Bucks County Conservation District works to educate and help people and the community take care of the natural resources in Bucks County including soil, water, wildlife, trees and other plants. Using natural resources wisely helps to ensure their availability well into the future.


PAG-02 General Permit Administrative Extension

The PAG-02 NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (PAG-02) will expire on December 7, 2017. The Department of Environmenatl Protection (DEP) is announcing that PAG-02 will be administratively extended until December 7, 2018. 

General Permits that have not been issued before December 7, 2017 will need to be either converted to Individual Permits, or placed on hold until the renewal of PAG-02. 

Click Here for a FAQ sheet. Contact our office if you have detailed questions. 

TreeVitalize Watersheds Grant Program 2018 - Round Open

The TreeVitalize Watersheds Grant Program is now open! Applications will be accepted until November 10, 2017. Please visit the BCCD TreeVitalize Watersheds Grant page for more information.

Homeownder's Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance Booklet

The DEP has worked with Penn State University to develop a guidance for homeowners and Commonwialh realtors to provide information on how to properly maintain stormwater BMPs on private properties in Pennsylvania. To download the booklet electronically, click here.

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