Protecting the County’s Natural Resources

The Bucks County Conservation District works to educate and help people and the community take care of the natural resources in Bucks County including soil, water, wildlife, trees and other plants. Using natural resources wisely helps to ensure their availability well into the future.



NPDES Permit NOI Changes due to EPA E-Reporting Rule

A revised NOI, which contains additional data required by the EPA eReporting Rule has recently been released. Thus, we ask applicants submitting NOIs to please utilize the new revised 2016 NOI which provides additional data.  If the BCCD does not receive this information with the submission then an incompleteness review letter or technical deficiency letter with a list of comments will be issued. Visit Permitting Documents, Projects Over 1 Acre to download the 2016 NOI Checklist and Instructions.

The NOI/application for NPDES permits for stormwater discharges associated with construction has also been posted online in the eLibrary at Additionally, the Transferee-Co-Permittee Application for a General or Individual NPDES Permit for Stormwater Discharges Assoc with Construction has been updated and posted online at

To allow some time for those submitting applications to adjust to using the new applications, applications will be accepted using the old forms through Friday, October 7. Starting Monday, October 10, all applicants are required to use these updated applications.


Updated Notice of Termination Forms

The PCSM Instrument Filing Notice and Notice of Termination (NOT) forms a and b are available online in eLibrary at & . To allow some time for those submitting these documents to adjust, the old forms will be accepted through Friday, November 11. However, we encourage the use of the updated documents when appropriate (I.e. Pre-application meeting, general inquiries, etc.) immediately.  These new forms can also be downloaded from the BCCD website on the Permitting Documents, NPDES Documents & Guidance page. 

BCCD now on Facebook

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