Scholarship Program and Application

Each year the Bucks County Conservation District Education Committee accepts applications to provide scholarships to students in both high school and college and to adult learners who are interested in the environmental field.




For high school students (between the ages of 14-17) who want to attend the Penn State University Conservation Leadership School. 

PSU information

CLS application package

Due each year by April 30



Continuing Education- Joe Matejik Memorial Scholarship for college or adult learners studying agriculture. conservation, forestry, or related field. 

Scholarship Application

Applications are accepted January 1 through May 1 each year, with a total of $2,000 in scholarship funds to be distributed. Applications are reviewed by our education committee and recommendations are presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the first Board of Directors meeting after the May 1 deadline. Applicants will be notified of final decisions pending Board approval.